Trucking Accidents Are Serious, Even Fatal. We Can Help.

While every motor vehicle accident has the potential to cause serious injury, crashes involving commercial vehicles can be even more devastating. The sheer weight of trucks, along with whatever cargo they might be carrying, can lead to wrecks involving numerous vehicles that can cause catastrophic, permanent injuries.

The truck accident attorneys at Thompson & Evangelo, P.A., have four decades of experience handling the aftermath of commercial truck crashes and representing the victims of life-changing accidents. We put Lake County and Seminole County residents first when we represent them, and we will not rest until a case has reached its conclusion.

Who's To Blame For A Florida Trucking Accident?

When a truck driver causes a traffic accident, determining responsibility for the crash is not as easy as it seems. Our experienced legal team will do the hard work necessary to investigate a truck accident to determine that safety protocols were followed, that drivers have kept an accurate and truthful record of their time behind the wheel, and other factors.

Trucking companies are responsible for the vehicles they put on the road. We will make sure all responsible parties are held accountable to determine the true cause of an accident and help you receive the compensation that is appropriate for your injuries as a result.

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